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All members of Swan Valley Credit Union who are 18 years of age or more are entitled to run for office, elect directors and vote on resolutions or by-laws that govern the Credit Union. Your Credit Union is based on the Co-operative principle of one member, one vote. Every member is clearly identified in the Credit Union’s records as a member/owner of Swan Valley Credit Union.

Voting in Person

During Election Week you can vote in person at the polling stations in our Swan River, and Benito offices during normal office hours. The final opportunity is at the Credit Union Annual Meeting.

Voting by Mail

  • To encourage more of our members to be involved, we mail all eligible voters a voting kit that includes:
  • a ballot form valid for the current director election.
  • a mail ballot envelope marked “Mail Ballot Enclosed”. After you mark your ballot, please seal it in this envelope to keep it secret.
  • a voter identification card. Please print your name, account number, sign and date it in the spaces provide.
  • a voting envelope. Place the completed voter identification card and the “sealed” mail ballot envelope inside the voting envelope. Seal the voting envelope and mail/deliver it to Swan Valley Credit union by the Credit Union Annual Meeting Date.

The above mail process ensures:

  1. Only authorized members vote
  2. That each member casts only one ballot, and
  3. That each member’s vote remains secret

Main Branch

913 Main Street E.
Box 1510 Swan River,
Manitoba R0L 1Z0

Phone: 1-877-218-7828
Fax: (204) 734-3968

Benito Branch

103 Main Street
Benito, Manitoba
R0L 0C0

Phone: (204) 539-2400
Fax: (204) 539-2401

Minitonas Agency

Minitonas Community Store
267 2nd Ave.
Minitonas, MB R0L 1G0

Phone: (204) 525-2623
Fax: (204) 525-2624

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