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Member Ownership Program

In any business, it is important to have adequate levels of capital. Swan Valley Credit Union has developed a strong capital position and is committed to continued growth of an even stronger capital base for future operations.

We are involving members in this plan by allocating surplus earnings in the form of surplus shares to a special Members’ Ownership Account. Once the funds in these accounts have built up to a certain level, future surplus earnings will be paid out to members in cash, consistent with the co-operative principle of return of surplus to members.

This pool of surplus earnings gives members the opportunity to participate in the ownership of their Credit Union; it provides an earnings base for stronger operations; provides a base for development and expansion; provides greater autonomy, local ownership and control; and reduces the risk of losses.

The amount any member receives is based on patronage, since it is members’ patronage which makes the surplus earnings possible.

The Members’ Ownership Program began in 1991, the culmination of ten years of effort by Directors, management and employees, with support from members. The program was amended in 1994.

The Members’ Ownership Program is of benefit to both members and the Swan Valley Credit Union.

Swan Valley Credit Union has allocated over 14 million dollars in Patronage Dividends to members, and had paid almost 11 million of it in cash.

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